Teewald Adventskalender 2022 Classic
Teewald Adventskalender 2022 Classic
Teewald Adventskalender 2022 Classic
Teewald Adventskalender 2022 Classic

Teewald Adventskalender 2022 Classic

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Christmas calendar with 24 high quality teas

Teewald Christmas Calendar 2022

This year's advent calendars are here! Last year it was 24 cans but we realized we can't do that this year because so many of you will end up with too many tin cans that you don't know what to do with. There would also be too much waste if you throw away the cans. That's why we packed all 24 teas in small, pure aluminum tea bags that can be recycled.

The 24 teas are packed in two boxes that fit perfectly in a cardboard gift bag.

Each of the 24 cans contains 8g of tea. Enough for 1-2 gaiwan full of tea. Of course, most tea can be infused at least 5 times in a gaiwan or gongfu teapot. Many of the teas even more often.

As usual, there's a Premium set and a Classic set. The types of tea in the Classic set include the following teas:

  • Wild Rosy Lapsang
  • Lapsang Oolong
  • Bingdao Shengtai Weißer Tee
  • Zhu Ye Qing Grüner Tee
  • Huoshan Huangya Gelber Tee
  • 2021 Fuding Silver Needle
  • Royal Tribute Shu Pu Erh
  • 2017 Gongmei
  • Formosa Four Season Oolong
  • Anhua Heicha

All teas in this calendar are of course loose teas and (unless they are flower teas) whole tea leaves.

Because the tea bags are small and cannot be reused once opened, we will not recycle the packaging this year.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


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Sehr guter Teeadcentskalender

Exzellente Auswahl und toller Geschmack !