Matcha accessories

    Matcha broom (Chasen)

    15,95 €

    Matcha broom made of bamboo A classic matcha whisk made of light bamboo with 120 bristles for the traditional preparation of matcha. Here you will also find the Matcha ceramic...

    Matcha broom holder

    9,95 €

    A holder for your matcha broom so that it does not lose its beautiful shape. Just sit on it when you are not using the broom. Matcha broom holder made...

    Woodfired Matcha Bowl by Ales Dancak (250 ml)

    79,00 €

    Volume: about 240-250ml Material: Ton Base diameter: 9 cm Height: 8cm Handmade by Ales Dancak from the Czech Republic The only wood-fired matcha bowl is glazed inside and out and...

    Porcelain Matcha bowl white (450 ml)

    33,00 €

    Matcha bowl porcelain white A nice bowl for preparing matcha. Made of white porcelain, the color of the matcha is emphasized during preparation, as the contrast between white and green...

    Are you a matcha fan? Would you like to make your own matcha at home, the authentic Japanese way? Matcha, Chashaku, Chaire, matcha bowl, matcha broom ... there are so many things you need, but don't worry. We can offer you fine, beautiful Matcha accessories. Find your own matcha tea set with us, which is made in Japan and Europe.

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