Tea trays

Tea tray bamboo

Tea tray bamboo

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Tee Tablett dunkel braun Bambus

Bamboo tea tray vintage

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Tea tray "“- Chapan / Chachuan

When drinking gongfu style tea, water is inevitably spilled. So you need something to catch this water. The tea tray ", also Tea Boat "茶 船"Called, is a flat-bottomed vessel for placing tea utensils (teapots, cups, gong dao bei and so on). There are many designs. The most common are trays with indentations, two-layer trays with a collecting container and also those with a hose to drain off the water. The traditional Chinese tea tray comes in an abundance of materials. These range from metal and wood, bamboo and ceramics to our ubiquitous companion - plastic. At Teewald you will find a large selection of beautiful tea trays from simple to elegant. Just pick one that you like. It is sure to make your tea ceremony even more special with style and grace.