Yixing Yixing“ Ticklittle boy made of unglazed clay

These fine clay teapots come from the city of Yixing"shouldprosper"in east China's Jiangsu Province"JiangSu". They are mainly used for the preparation of intensive teas such as Oolong, Pu Erh or black tea unglazed Clay reacts with the tea and affects the taste in a positive way.

use and care

Since Yixing clay is a very sandy and porous clay, it usually absorbs many aromas and flavors from the tea at the beginning of use. But after a period of use, the clay improves the taste and texture of the tea. It is therefore important to only rinse these jugs with warm water without detergent.

What types of tea are Yixing pots suitable for?

For example, if you like whoop, oolong, black tea or other intense teas, how about your own Yixing teapot? The longer you use the teapot, the milder and richer the taste and aroma of the tea will be. At TEEWALD you will find original Yixing teapots of the highest quality, made by Chinese Yixing ceramic masters and carefully selected by us.

Shapes, Sizes and Keys of Yixing

In our range you will find different shapes, volumes and tones of Yixing pots. Simply use the filter above the products to find exactly the jug you are looking for:

  • keys: Da Hong Pao, Duanni, Hongni, Jiangponi, Zhini oder Zini
  • Volume: 80 - 250 ml
  • to form: Xishi, Drachenei, Hulu, Fanggu, Dezhong und mehr