Black tea

    Gushu Black

    13,90 €
    463,33 €/kg

    Black tea from old Gushu trees from Yunnan Gushu Black A unique black tea made from Gushu tea trees in Yunnan Province in southern China. This black tea is characterized...

    Organic Earl Grey Premium Tea

    6,50 €
    65,00 €/kg

    High quality Earl Grey tea the way you love it.  Earl Grey Premium Ingredients: A blend of quality black teas with natural bergamot aroma.   Earl Grey is a classic made from black...

    Lapsang Souchong smoke tea

    5,45 €
    54,50 €/kg

    unique smoke aroma --   Lapsang Souchong smoke tea Lapsang Souchong is a classic Tea specialty from China. Its memorable smoke aroma is really special. When you open the tea...

    Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei

    9,90 €
    990,00 €/kg

    The king of black teas  Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei  Altitude: 1000 meters Origin: Tong Mu Guan, Wu Yi Mountain Harvest: 2018 spring buds Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrows) is...

    Organic Keemun black tea

    5,95 €
    59,50 €/kg

    Keemun tea from China - without flavoring additives A classic black tea from China: light, malty, earthy. Just very gentle. This tea is very different in taste and smell from...

    Pollen honey Dianhong

    8,50 €
    170,00 €/kg

    Harvest: Spring 2021 Leaf/bud: 1 leaf and 1 bud  Cultivar: Yunnan Zhong Ye Zhong Region: Yunnan, China Dianhong means red tea from Yunnan, as Dian stands for Yunnan and Hong...

    Anhua Heicha (Fuzhuan)

    19,80 €
    396,00 €/kg

    Anhua Heicha (Fuzhuan) Heicha literally means "black tea". What people in Europe and America call black tea is actually red tea. Real black tea is post-fermentation tea. These include Anhua...

    Organic Yakushima Koucha / black tea

    8,90 €
    178,00 €/kg

    Japanese Koucha / black tea from the Kagoshima region with nutty, floral and sweet notes. Suitable for preparation in Gaiwan or Kyusu.   Yakushima Koucha / black tea from Kagoshima,...

    Organic Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP

    5,50 €
    110,00 €/kg

    High quality Darjeeling from India's Orange Valley--Darjeeling First Flush FTGFOP An early harvest Darjeeling tea of high quality. The taste of the first flush is very different from the more...

    Wild Rosy Lapsang (unsmoked)

    9,90 €
    198,00 €/kg

    Wild Rosy Lapsang Type of tea: Wild Lapsang Souchong Black Tea (unsmoked) Variety: Cai Cha (grown wild)Taste: very flowery like roses, superbly fruity like lychee, a bit woodyColor of the cup: amber, dark brown,...

    Organic Ceylon Pekoe Indulgashinna

    7,50 €
    75,00 €/kg

    Ceylon black tea from Sri Lanka This tea is a gentle Ceylon tea from the island of Sri Lanka. The tea is famous for its smoothness and its floral aroma....

    Silk Tay Con Linh - black tea from Vietnam

    8,50 €
    170,00 €/kg

    Black tea from Gushu trees in Vietnam -- Silk Tay Con Linh - Black tea from the rainforest in North Vietnam The black tea comes from Mount Tay Con Linh in...

    Osmanthus Golden Yunnan

    5,90 €
    118,00 €/kg

    Osmanthus Golden Yunnan Schwarzertee pesticide freeBlack tea from Yunnan mixed with osmanthus flowers. Aroma of the dry leaves: nutty, chocolaty, warm and sweet like caramel, vanilla, floweryMoist leaves aroma: nutty,...

    Wild Dianhong Menghai

    8,50 €
    212,50 €/kg

    Black tea from wild tea trees in Menghai, Yunnan Wild Dianhong Menghai Aroma of dry leaves: minty, sweet potato, woodyWet Leaves Aroma: roasted vegetables, cocoa and honeyTaste: Sweetness of light...

    Qimen Maofeng

    19,50 €
    390,00 €/kg

    a top quality Qimen black tea Qimen Maofeng Black Tea Aroma of the dry leaves: Cocoa, longgan (a dried tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia), rosyWet Leaves Aroma: Longgan-Suppe, Rosenknospen, Rosinen, CocoaTaste: dark...

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