Kyusu teapot – Japanese teapots with side handle

Kyusu are traditional Japanese teapots for preparing tea. The kyusu was originally invented in Ming era China and used as a sencha vessel. During the Muromachi period, the pot came to Japan and was in the Bunka-Bunsei-Zeit (1804-30) popular for brewing sencha or other green tea.

With us you will find Kyusu of the highest quality, made by ceramists from Japan, China and Europe and carefully selected by us.

For which teas are Kyusu pots suitable?

Kyusu pots are mainly used for Japanese green teas used. Of course, this is also due to the fact that green tea is mainly produced in Japan. The fine sieve, which is incorporated into almost all Kyusu, is also ideal for the fine tea leaves of a higher quality Sencha or Gyokuro.

In general, however, you can use Kyusu for almost all types of tea, including black teas or oolong. However, stronger teas can leave the flavor in the tone if brewed more frequently. In this way, the sensitive nuances of green teas could possibly be overlaid or at least influenced.

That's why we recommend using your Kyusu for only one type of tea at a time.

What are the differences in the offered Kyusu pots?

At Kyusu you will find different sizes (volumes), tones, shapes and of course qualities.

Our Japanese Kyusu have a volume of approx. 85 ml - 330 ml. Small Kyusu are especially suitable for a personal tea ceremony, for example if you want to drink tea alone. You can use larger pots (200 - 330 ml) if you enjoy your tea with guests.