Chaozhou „Chaozhou“ Ticklittle boy made of clay

Chaozhou pots are made from clay from Feng Huang (Phoenix) Mountain in Chaozhou, Guandong Province. They are shot by hand on the clay disc and are compared Yixing-Teekännchen thinner walls.

Chaozhou teapots are ideal for brewing tea when it comes to Dancong Oolong or lightly smoked oolong from Fujian province or from Taiwan goes. The density of the clay makes it possible to retain the warmth of the teas and increase the flavor while rounding out the tea flavor and deepening the tea's texture. The clay has the same mineral composition as the land on which the tea trees for Dancong Oolong are grown. 

Sizes and shapes of our Chaozhou teapots

At TEEWALD you will find original Chaozhou teapots of the highest quality, made by Chinese Chaozhou ceramic masters and carefully selected by us. The volume of our Chaozhou pots is 110 ml for all models.

We offer the teapots in various shapes, e.g. Xishi (with or without wings).