Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)
Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)
Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)
Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)
Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)
Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)

Yixing Duanni Kurbis 南瓜壶 (220 ml)

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    Semi-handcrafted from pure Duanni from Huanglong Mountain⛰



    Yixing Duanni Gongfu Teapot

    Volume: about 220ml

    Duanni is a very sandy clay, it usually absorbs a long of aroma and tastes from the tea in the beginning of its service. But it also adds a lot to your tea after a certain time of usage, improving the tastes and texture of your tea. 

    This Duanni Teapot is made from the same clay we used for our Duanni Hulu Hu. Usually Duanni is more sandy and porous than purple clay (Zini), but these teapots (including the Duanni Hulu Hu) are burned at a higher temperature than normaly. High temperature firing results in less porosity and prevents Duanni from behaving like a sponge sucking all the highlights of your tea in the beginning of its usage. This one performs more like a purple clay (Zini) than the normal Duanni clay I have experienced. We recommend aged Oolongs, Pu Erh (Sheng or Shu, young or aged), Yancha, Black Tea and aged white for this teapot (just not for green Oolongs, green tea and young white tea). 

    All parts of the teapot are fully handmade except the main body of the teapot which is made with a form.




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    220 ml

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