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2010 Formosa Dong Ding Oolong Traditional

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ca. 6 - 8 g


95 °C


30-60 Sek.

High quality oolong from Taiwan made in the traditional way in the 2010 spring.

Traditional Formosa Dong Ding Oolong 2010

Variety: Qingxin

Harvest: 2010 spring

Taste and sensation: fruity, woody, sweet, calming, very nice woody and sweet persistent taste. Medium roast, but after 10 years of storage this tea has lost most of its toasted notes. It still tastes a bit like the fire used to roast the tea, but very subtle. The 2010 Dong Ding Oolong is less buttery than that Dong Ding Oolong from 2020, but fruity, purer and softer.

Preparation in a Gongfu teapot

    1. Approximately 5 g Put Dong Ding Oolong tea leaves in a Gongfu teapot / Gaiwan.
    2. Water from 95 ° C add in the pot.
    3. First time approx. 45 seconds brewed (30 seconds longer for further infusions).
    4. In small ones Gongfu cups Brewed Formosa Dong Ding Oolong to serve (a Gongfu teapot usually can serve around 4 Gongfu cups).
    5. 5-6 Formosa Dong Ding Oolong tea leaves can be placed in a Gongfu teapot for approx. Infused 6 times become.


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