Pu Erh Cake Kuchen aus Yiwu China
Pu Erh Tee Kuchen aus Yiwu China
Pu Erh Tee aus Yiwu China Original

2012 Yiwu Shu Pu Erh

  • earthy and woody like the autumn forest after the rain, mineral, sweet like maple syrup,
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strong Pu Erh brick from 2012


Shu Pu Erh Bricks 2012 - Yi Wu Shu Cha

A very high quality Shu Pu Erh brick from the Yi Wu Mountains (易 武), which was picked in spring 2012.

This aged Pu Erh tastes intensely like a mixture of dried plum and light chocolate, with a persistent sweet aftertaste. The consistency of the tea is thick, silky and velvety, a perfect tea for tea for a cold winter.

This Pu Erh is "Shu" (Shu Cha), that is, it ages and is refined through storage.

We recommend the traditional one "Gong Fu Preparation" for this tea:

  1. Warm a small teapot of about 200 ml with boiling water

  2. Pour out the water about 7 grams of tea in the jug

  3. Pour boiling water on the Pu Erh, wait 3 seconds and pour away the tea
    (This step serves to activate the pressed tea and to remove any dust)

  4. Pour boiling water again on the pu erh tea. Let it sit for about 20 seconds.

  5. Now enjoy the 2012 Shu Pu Erh from the Yi Wu Mountains

This aged pu erh tea can be made with kung fu broths infused at least 8 times become.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.


Yunnan / China
Frühjahr Spring 2012
earthy and woody like the autumn forest after the rain, mineral, sweet like maple syrup,
this tea made from the large and old leaves has been stored in Dresden since 2017

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