2020 Pai Mu Tan Weißer Tee Teekuchen
2020 Pai Mu Tan Teekuchen
2020 Pai Mu Tan Teekuchen
2020 Pai Mu Tan Teekuchen
2020 Pai Mu Tan Teekuchen

2020 Pai Mu Tan Tea Cake

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Size: 300 g

300 g
8g (Sample)

2020 pre-Qingming Pai Mu Tan (White Peony) white tea

This slice of Pai Mu Tan white tea was made in the Spring 2020 Harvested and pressed in Tai Mu Mountains in Fuding, Fujian Province China, the birthplace of white tea. The tea was made according to the principle "a bud and two leavesThe buds are large with white fur, the young leaves are small and complete. The dry tea smells very flowery, because it was only picked a few months ago and is still very fresh

This Pai Mu Tan white tea won't be bitter even if you let it steep a little longer. We recommend for this tea the Chinese Gongfu style preparation method. 

  1. It is best to use 8 grams of white tea leaves in 200 ml of water, let it steep for about 20 seconds. The water should not be hotter than 75 ° C.
  2. With the Gong Fu preparation, the Pai Mu Tan white tea can at least 8 times to be brewed.
  3. The young Pai Mu Tan smells of a green meadow full of spring flowers. The first infusion tastes soft and sweet like morning dew, the second juicy like young melon, and the sweetness becomes less flowery in the following broths, but more like honey or syrup.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


75 °C


20 Sek.


frisch, wild, blumig
Tai Mu Shan, Fuding, Fujian
Der Tee wurde nach dem Prinzip "eine Knospe und zwei Blätter" gepflückt.