Chrysanthemen Knospen Tee aus China
Chrysanthemen Knospen Tee

Chrysanthemum buds tea

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    Pesticide-free, healthy and delicious

    Chrysanthemum buds tea

    certified organic in China.

    After two years we finally have chrysanthemum tea in stock again, although you may have noticed that the price has risen a bit. After selling out our last batch of flower tea, we looked for flower tea that was free from pesticides and fertilizers. Organic quality chrysanthemums are rare on the market because the flowers are very susceptible to pests. We have only found two farmers in two years growing chrysanthemums without using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We found our supplier some time ago, but the price is so high that we hesitated for a long time.

    This year we decided to buy these chrysanthemum buds, although after all the waiting the price has not gotten lower, as we believe that most people buy chrysanthemum tea for health reasons and the tea is absolutely free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers should be.

    Taste rating: herbal, medicinal, flowery floral, delicately bitter. Chrysanthemum buds are more bitter than chrysanthemum flowers.

    Chrysanthemum tea is very popular in China because of its yin effect. The philosophy of the balance of yin and yang in food and drink is deeply rooted in every Chinese.

    For thousands of years, chrysanthemum tea has been drunk to combat symptoms caused by hot food, i.e. yang.

    This is what the flowers have

    In addition to this cooling effect, chrysanthemum tea is known in China to strengthen and protect the liver and eyes.

    Chrysanthemum bud tea should be brewed with water that is a temperature around that 95˚C Has.

    It is a good idea to serve the tea in a glass teapot so that you can see the flowers. the Color of tea varies from clear to yellow. 

    Good in combination with ...

    Chinese women often drink the tea with them Rose bud tea, as this tea combination has a strong effect according to Chinese tradition detoxification may have.

    The taste is not particularly strong, but it depends on how much tea you use. Strong chrysanthemum tea tastes bitter, which is why it is not viewed as a separate tea variety in Hong Kong, but rather as an ingredient for pu erh tea.

    Due to the fact that these chrysanthemum buds grow naturally, it is possible that you will sometimes find a tiny bug in your cup. This is rare as the tea is carefully handled after harvest, but it is not impossible. 



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    How to brew

    in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


    ca. 4 - 5 g


    95 °C


    3-4 Min.


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    When we founded Teewald in 2016, our mission was the same as it is today: to offer the world's best teas for a unique taste experience.

    At Teewald you will find exceptional teas of outstanding quality. Perfect tea leaves of various shapes. Complex flavors. Subtle nuances. Transparent origin and processing.

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    - Yang & Jonas (Founder of Teewald)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 16 reviews
    Samuel Q.
    Wonderful Teas -- Very happy

    My order of teas arrived quickly and I'm thrilled with the quality of everything! Especially loved the sample of Rosen Schwarzer!

    M. K.
    Chrysanthemen Tee...

    Tolle Qualität, schmeckt sehr lecker, ...
    Gut verpackt und zügig erhalten...
    oberste Preissparte!

    Martin Z.
    Chrysanthemen Knospen?

    Sehr lecker, empfehlenswert.

    Neue Erfahrung

    Habe zum ersten Mal bei Teewald und zum ersten Mal Chrysanthemenblüten bestellt. Bestellung u Lieferung waren zügig und unkompliziert. Habe mit ein paar Blüten Tee gekocht, sogar 4 Aufgüsse, ein paar Gojibeeren dazu….. bitter und leicht süß, genau mein Geschmack, bleibt abzuwarten, ob er die erhoffte innere Ruhe bringt.


    Super Laden!
    Bestellung ging schnell und unkompliziert. Der Tee ist prima. Hatte noch ein paar Fragen dazu, wurden mit sehr gut am Telefon beantwortet.



    Sehr lecker und gute Qualität. Ich kombiniere diesen Tee mit den Rosenblüten. Liebevoll verpackt.



    Ein ganz wunderbarer Tee in guter Qualität. Ich trinke jeden Tag eine Tasse davon. Bin begeistert und werde ihn sehr gerne wieder bestellen!



    Sehr schnelle Lieferung, tolle Ware



    sehr lecker, richtige Blüten, sehr gut, nur zu teuer, deshalb "nur 4 Sterne"


    Julia F.

    Bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Produkt und der Lieferung!
    Ich war überrascht, dass auf der Tüte handschriftlich vermerkt war, wie lange und mit welcher Temperatur der Tee zubereitet werden soll...fühlte sich irgendwie sehr persönlich an.
    Sehr süß auch die kleine Probe mit Schnee Chrysanthemen...ebenfalls hübsch von Hand beschriftet.
    Nächste Bestellung bestimmt wieder bei euch.
    Danke dafür


    Service bei Teewald