Da Hong Pao Zhengyan Yancha (Rock Tea)

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A top-class Da Hong Pao for tea connoisseurs 

Da Hong Pao Zhengyan Yancha

- Deep Valley Orchid

A premium Da Hong Pao Zhengyan Yancha is blended by Yancha Master Li Weili from prominent varieties from central Wuyi National Park. The prominent strains that go into the blend of this Da Hong Pao are kept as Master Li's secret recipe. We can only say that all varieties come from the valleys and pits of Wuyi Mountains. When our team tasted this tea, one said it reminded him of the high aroma of Qi Lan, one said he could use a little of the sharpness of a Rou Gui taste out, and another said there was a hint of plum like in one Shui Jin Gui Yancha, and also the rock rhyme (minerality / rock rhyme / 岩韵 Yanyun) and the feeling in the throat are similar to a Shui Jin Gui. A tea lover even said he bought it at a Ginger Flower Dancong Oolong remembered. It's always a magical moment when we drink this tea together because everyone tastes something different from the same Da Hong Pao.

Nowadays, Da Hong Pao is mostly mixed from different Yancha cultivars because the real Da Hong Pao cultivars are protected in the Wuyi Mountains and are not allowed to be picked. The quality of the da hong pao on the market can vary wildly and prices range from 50 euros per kilo to a thousand euros or more per kilo, depending on which cultivars go into the production of a particular da hong pao. We've been looking for a Da Hong Pao for our business for years, but this was the only one we consistently love as a team and got loud applause from the tea lovers we shared it with.

Aroma of the dry leaves: dried tangerine peel, raisin, tropical flowers, spice mix with cinnamon, anise, cardamom.

Wet Leaves Aroma: Citrus, woody, creamy, smoky stone, sour cherries.

mouthfeel: silky with subtle astringency

Taste: very fruity, with woody and spicy notes, balanced bitterness with warming notes of butter, the aftertaste lingers for hours after drinking. The woodiness is reminiscent of raisin stalks. The spices point in the direction of cinnamon, anise and cardamom. The flavor of the various spices combined with the minerality and warmth of the charcoal gives the body a powerful flow of energy.

You can brew this tea over 14 times and still taste the sweetness in the liquid.


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Very fruity with woody notes reminiscent of raisin stalks and with spicy notes pointing towards cinnamon, anise and cardamom.
Wuyi National Park
Master Li Weili chooses to keep the strains that go into making this Da Hong Pao as a secret recipe.

Customer Reviews

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Anette H.

spektakulärer Yancha

Paolo T.
Sehr empfehlenswert

Ein sehr intensiver Oolong, dessen Aromen (die an mich Kardamom und ein wenig an gegrillte Kastanien erinnerten) lange im Mund bleiben. Es ist sehr angenehm.
Die vielen Aufgüsse (ich habe persönlich mehr als 16 gemacht) machen ihn besonders für einen anstrengenden Tag geeignet.

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