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2005 Pai Mu Tan


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32,00 €320,00 €/kg



ca. 4 - 5 g


90 °C


20-40 sek.


Aged Pai Mu Tan White Tea (White Peony King) from 2005 spring


First infusion tastes like dark chocolate, Chinese red dates, cooked cherries, with a very thick consistency.

Infusions 2-3: Chocolate flavor remains, but less dark and thick than with the first infusion. The tea becomes clearer and less cloudy than the first infusion. The fruity taste is emphasized more, like cooked cherries, apricots and Chinese red dates.

Infusions 3-10: sweet, fruity and flowery, reminiscent of apricots and red dates, mixed with a light Chinese herbal tea. A little tobacco taste can also be felt. With each infusion, the taste becomes purer and less complicated.


Of course we recommend this tea in the Gong Fu method To be prepared in a gaiwan so that the aroma can fully develop and you can enjoy the maximum taste.

Our tips for the best enjoyment:

    1. Use water with a temperature of 90 ° C.
    2. Use enough tea (about 8g) per gaiwan (about 150ml).
    3. Brew for between 20 and 40 seconds. This white tea does not become bitter.
    4. You can brew the tea up to 10 times. Each time you will recognize and taste different nuances.
    5. After 10 infusions, you can still enjoy the tea by steeping it in a teapot for 10 minutes or more. This makes the fruity taste of the tea even more pleasant.


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Customer Reviews

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Adrian H.

Unglaublich so einen alten Weißen Tee noch irgendwo auf Lager zusehen!
Ich kann der Beschreibung was den Geschmack angeht nur zustimmen, trifft alles zu. Besonders interessant sind die Anklänge von Kräuter Tee die sich nach ein paar Aufgüssen bemerkbar machen. Und so eine gewisse "Waldboden/Moos" Note die m.M.n. viele Shou Puers haben ist hier auch zufinden.
Kann ihn wirklich nur empfehlen!

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