2021 Gushu White Yunnan Weißer Tee
2021 Gushu White Yunnan Weißer Tee
2021 Gushu White Yunnan Weißer Tee

Gushu White Yunnan White Tea

  • floral, fruity and sweet with honey, peach, nectar
  • 1900m
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Size: 200 g (Cake)

200 g (Cake)
8 g
Delivery time: 2-3 working days (D)

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Excellent white tea from Yunnan, China with natural sweet notes.

Gushu White Yunnan White Tea Cake 200 g

Harvest: April 15, 2021

A white tea made from Gushu material (old trees about 200 years old) in Ming Feng Shan Mountain, Yunnan Province, China. Pesticide-free and fertilizer-free. Picking the leaves consists of 1 bud and 2 leaves, like a Fuding Pai Mu Tan.


(not flavored)

The dry leaves have a heavenly aroma like honey, dried apricots and a garden full of exotic flowers. Spent leaves in gaiwan give off a peach-like aroma. In general, this white tea is characterized by an extraordinary harmonious aroma the end. 


Yunnan white tea is known to have a fruity and sweet taste and a very subtle bitterness like the skin of a chestnut. Nuances of honey, Peach, nectar are recognizable.

Most Yunnan white teas are also more astringent and drier on the tongue than a white tea made Fuding. This Ming Feng Shan has the sweetness and fruitiness that make a good white tea out Yunnan stand, but it's also silky, thick, and less astringent than a normal Yunnan White (perhaps because it's a Gushu material).

Preparation of Gushu White 

This white tea requires special preparation in order to ensure that the pleasant, sweet taste can really develop fully.

Try to break out of the tea cake as large pieces as possible. For example, you can use a Pu Erh knife use, but an oyster knife or letter opener can also help. Try to keep the leaves intact as much as possible.

Hot water from 85 to 90 Centigrade. This tea is made from Gushu material, so unlike other white teas, it can be prepared with hot water. However, because of the freshness of the tea, water that is too hot should be avoided.

The steeping time should be approx. 20 seconds into a gaiwan or 3 minutes in a teapot.

When brewed, the Gushu White has a clear, light yellow cup.

6-8 times infusions are easily possible with the, without the taste becoming noticeably less. We recommend increasing the brewing time a little with each infusion.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


85 °C


30 Sek.


Yunnan / China
Frühjahr 2021
floral, fruity and sweet with honey, peach, nectar
It is best to infuse at 90°C; the tea cake is pressed quite hard.

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Customer Reviews

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Gaby B.
Premium Qualität

Blumig fruchtiges leicht nach Zitrus erinnerndes Aroma , schöne hellgelb-goldene Farbe. Der Geschmack ist leicht süßlich erfrischend und schmeckt nach hinten leicht blumig, hat Noten von frisch gemähtem Gras und Kräutern Wirklich ein schöner Tee sehr zu empfehlen


Sehr gut

Benedikt Z.
Gushu White 2021

Sehr gut

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