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2018 spring Hekai Guangbie Sheng Pu Erh

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Hekai 2018 Spring Sheng Pu Erh

Harvest: 03/27/2018

Manufacture: Guangbie Village, Hekai Mountain

Tea trees: Dashu, around 80 years old

This Hekai 2018 is a first class Sheng Pu Erh (Raw Pu Erh Tea) from large trees from the Guangbie village in Hekai Mountain in southern China. The Sheng Pu Erh tea comes from "Dashu" tea trees. Dashu means big trees 50-150 years old, and Gushu (old trees) are at least 150-800 years old.

This Sheng Pu Erh has been sitting in my dark room in Dresden since the beginning of 2018. I didn't upload it to my website at the time because it was a dashu but not a gushu (: D, I was a snobbish tea drinker, I knew it) Today, a sunny Sunday in Dresden (April 26th, 2020), this tea shocked me with its sweetness and warmth. I am so happy that I now have to take pictures and write about it so that I can share it with many of you as soon as possible.

Aroma of the dry leaves in a warm gaiwan: baked bread, summer hay and dark honey (not very fruity or floral)

Aroma of the hot wet leaves: smoky and sweet like burnt sugar, warm shortbread.

Taste: like toasted bread with honey spread, without astringency, very sweet. If you've let it steep for too long, it'll have a bit of bitterness like a honeysuckle. Very powerful and very sweet aftertaste.

consistency: very smooth, medium thick, actually also like a honey tea. I think the climate in Dresden over the past 2 years has pleased this Sheng Pu Erh because it has become so pleasant and even more pleasant in terms of taste and consistency than 2 years ago.

about Gushu and Dashu

In contrast to the usual tea bushes in the fields, Gushu and Dashu grow wild in forests and deep mountains. Due to the aging process, the tea leaves develop a unique character that cannot be compared with any other type of tea.

Sheng Pu Erh from large and old trees is more complex in taste, bitter, sweet or both, mineral, fruity, floral or all. The tastes evolve and change day to day, month to month, year to year, and decade to decade. This is because the leaves are still very active. They can easily be influenced by many factors, such as: B. the season, humidity, storage conditions, age of the tea, age of the tea tree, etc.



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