Huang Guan Yin Zhengyan Yancha (Felsen Tee)

Huang Guan Yin Zhengyan Yancha (Rock Tea)

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Huang Guan Yin, Rock Tea from Wuyi Shan National Park

This Zhengyan Yancha is from Xianren Yan (仙人岩) in the national park of Wuyi mountain. It was harvested, half oxidized and baked witb medium-low fire in autumn 2019.

Aroma of Huang Guan Yin Yancha: the dry leaves in a warm gaiwan smell lightly and comfortably smoky like the pizza dough that has just been taken out of the oven; Creamy and sour like a cheese cake and fruity yoghurt, strong umami like a beef jerky snack.

Taste of Huang Guan Yin Yancha:

what captured me when I tasted Huang Guan Yin with my friend, Halyn was the sweetness and creaminess in the tea. It was the most comfortable and natural creaminess and sweetness. The combination of the both was really a warming effect on my stomach and my spirit as well. Long time after I swallowed the tea, I had that sweetness lingering in my throat which was joined by a very cool and mineral sensation.

The cooling and mineral sensation get all the more in the later infusions. The sweetness lasts till the 8th infusion.



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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 8 g


100 °C


10-20 Sek.



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Noch einer

Gestern erst bekommen und heute morgen dann getrunken. Köstlich süß, mineralisch und cremig, der Geschmack ist klasse und geht auch ein wenig in die Richtung von Kräutern. Ein sehr schönes weiches Mundgefühl. Auch bei längerem Ziehen sind kaum Bitterstoffe vorhanden, dafür bleibt ein langer Nachgang von Süße und Mineralien erhalten. Noch einer für meine Sammlung.