Japanische Teekanne / Kyusu von Taishuke Shiraiwa (180 ml)
Japanische Teekanne / Kyusu von Taishuke Shiraiwa (180 ml)
Japanische Teekanne / Kyusu von Taishuke Shiraiwa (180 ml)

Japanese Kyusu teapot by Taishuke Shiraiwa (180 ml)

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A Japanese teapot handcrafted by Taisuke Shiraiwa and burned in the anagama wood stove.

Japanese Kyusu teapot by Taisuke Shiraiwa

Volume of the teapot: approx. 180 ml

Taisuke Shiraiwa is from Hakodate in Hokkaido, he was a student of the famous Konishi Yohei. He partly digs and mixes the clay himself, and partly uses clay from Tokoname. It burns mainly in the anagama wood stove.

Mr. Shiraiwa graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts on the Hakodate Campus of Hokkaido College of Education in 2009 and studied with Konishi Yohei, who was named Intangible Cultural Property Bearer by Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture in 2010. Mr. Shiraiwa was selected for

  • 58th Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition
  • 51st East Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition (also for 52nd Exhibition)
  • 25th Japanese Sencha Arts and Crafts Exhibition (also for Exhibitions 26, 27, and 28)
  • 30th Chozasho Tokoname Ceramic Art Exhibition Konishi Yohei & Shiraiwa Taisuke Teapot Exhibition (2012 and 2013)

This Kyusu teapot is perfect for enjoying Japanese teas such as Japanese Sencha, Gyokuro and Kukicha. 



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180 ml