Jingde Zhen Gongfu Teekännchen Set (190ml)

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Style: 4-teiliges Set

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258,00 €
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Fully-handmade from Jingde Zhen

Chinese Kungfu Teapot from Jingde Zhen / Gongfu Teapot

The volume of this teapot is ca. 190-195 ml.

The 2 cups approx. 60 ml

Das Gong Dao Bei ca. 210 ml

This kungfu teapot set has a beautiful glaze with small pine needle patterns. The teapot is 100 percent handmade and wood fired in Jingde Zhen, China, ideal for Chinese tea ceremony, for enjoying kungfu tea or as an artistic collection. The inside of the teapot is also glazed. 

Because the teapot is glazed inside and out, it doesn't retain the aroma and flavor of the tea, so it's quite flexible and suitable for all types of tea. 


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