Matcha Besen (Chasen) aus Bambus Schwarz
Matcha Besen (Chasen) Schwarz
Matcha Besen (Chasen) Schwarz

Matcha broom (Chasen) black

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Bamboo whisk made of black bamboo

Matcha whisk made of bamboo (Chasen)

This bamboo broom is made of black bamboo and looks particularly valuable and classy. Such a bamboo broom is rarely seen and thus makes an exclusive impression.

With this matcha broom you can froth up your matcha just as well as with the usual, more familiar one Matcha broom with 120 bristles.

In addition to the broom, you will receive a bench, also made of bamboo, on which you can place your matcha broom.

Due to its noble impression, this broom is particularly suitable for a matcha ceremony. Your guests or visitors will appreciate that you use special tea utensils like this matcha whisk.

Tip: Our Matcha whisk holder is a little too big for this chasen.



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