Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei
Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei

Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei

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The king of black teas 

Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei 

Altitude: 1000 meters
Origin: Tong Mu Guan, Wu Yi Mountain
Harvest: 2018 spring buds

Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrows) is originally from Tong Mu Guan in Wu Yi Mountain and is considered one of the most expensive teas in the world. Traditionally, the tea consists of around 70% leaves with 30% golden buds. That said, the most traditional Jin Jun Mei (Golden Eyebrow) actually contains more black leaves than golden tips.

This tea is made in the traditional way from the Meizhan tea tree variety. Harvesting from the Meizhan variety is known as the king of "Jin Jun Mei".

The smell is like a mixture of tropical fruits and rose petals.

The taste is not as strongly chocolaty as a very golden representative, but more in the direction of sweet and slightly sour. He remembers fresh lychee and the tropical fruit mangosteen. The tea has a very oily (thick), silky and syrupy consistency. Very moisturizing and pleasant.

After you drink the tea, the sweet aftertaste lingers on your throat for a long time. When you breathe out you can be strong rosy aroma feel it in your breath.

You can brew this tea at least five times (Gongfu style) before the fruity smell and taste begins to fade.

The tasting notes from a tea friend who drank our Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei for the first time:

Fruity, sweet aroma. The dry tea has a floral scent of rose, honey and peach and smells slightly nutty, earthy.
The taste is fruity and clear, rather lemony and sour. With each infusion it tastes a little less acidic but more spicy and a little more flowery.

A great alternative to desserts

This tea is roasted so that it has a very warm and toasty nature that on roasted toffy remind. It can also because of its fruity taste and its syrupy consistency a great alternative to desserts and is very suitable to satisfy your desire for sweets. If you want to get rid of your insatiable desire for sweets, drink this tea! You will feel better and healthier afterwards.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


30 - 60.


Customer Reviews

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Marlise L.

Mei Zhan Jin Jun Mei

Tee von hoher Qualität


Kerstin E.

Der beste Tee, den ich jemals getrunken habe. Für mich schmeckte er wie Honig und roch auch so. Ich muss mehr davon haben. Der Tee ist zwar sehr teuer, aber eben ein echter Hochgenuss. Dafür verzichtet man gern auf Schokolade oder anderen Süßkram. Das ist Verwöhnung pur. Der ist sein Geld wert! Auch toll als Geschenk für echte Schwarztee Liebhaber!