Nixing Gaiwan

Nixing Gaiwan (160 ml)

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Chinese ceramic Gaiwan made from Nixing clay

100% handmade

Height: 10 cm

Volume: 160 ml

A large gaiwan made from completely handmade Nixing clay (original clay from Qinzhou, Guangxi Province China), perfect for making Kungfu tea.

This gaiwan is very stable, heavier than most other gaiwan made from other clay. The weight of a gaiwan is not the most important quality, but in this case one can get an idea of how stable it is and how much value it holds in its hand.

The volume of this Gaiwan is approx. 160 ml. Nixing Gaiwan is suitable for the preparation of all kinds of tea in the Gongfu Cha style.

Each Nixing Gaiwan is handmade, each one is slightly different in shape, color and size. Please understand that you may receive one that is not exactly the same as the one in the photo.




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160 ml