Porzellan Matchadose Gelb
Porzellan Matchadose Gelb (170 ml)
Porzellan Matchadose Gelb (170 ml)
Porzellan Matchadose Gelb (170 ml)
Porzellan Matchadose Gelb (170 ml)

Porcelain matcha jar yellow (170 ml)

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Porcelain tea caddy with a pretty bamboo lid

Matcha box made of porcelain

This original Chinese tea caddy made of porcelain with a glossy surface offers a particularly pretty look. The volume is approx. 170 ml and ensures reliable protection against environmental influences such as light and air.

The can is closed with a solid lid made of bamboo. The inside of the lid is covered with coarse paper so that any moisture can be absorbed. So your high-quality tea is well protected.

A total of 2 copies of this box are available. We import them from China ourselves.

This can is very suitable for storing matcha tea. Of course, you can also store other tea or completely different things in it.



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170 ml