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2018 Gedeng Sheng Pu Erh "Dragon Pearl" 革登


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2,99 €373,75 €/kg



ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


15 - 25.

Unique Raw Pu Erh in spherical shape

approx 8g per piece


Gedeng Sheng Pu Erh "Dragon Pearl"

A raw, unfermented Pu Erh tea, also known as "green" Pu Erh. This Pu Erh tea comes from ancient tea trees (Gushu) in the Gedeng Mountains in Yunnan Province.

This Sheng Pu Erh is fruity with a delicate bitterness. Slight sweetness meet gentle and bitter, tart notes.

This tea has strong properties like subtle dryness and astringency in the aftertaste. If you are looking for soft, sweet and flowery Sheng Pu Erh pearls, please try our 2017 Kuzhu Shan.

Preparation of Sheng Pu Erh pearls

This Sheng Pu Erh should go with the Gong Fu Brewing Method be prepared to get the maximum enjoyment out of the noble tea balls.


1. Rinse a pearl with boiling water in a gaiwan or teacup, pour the water away after 3 seconds. This infusion is not for drinking, just rinse the tea and loosen the pearl.

2. Pour the boiling water over the pearl and count up to 20 seconds if you want a smooth and sweet tea, but up to 40 seconds if you prefer a strong tea. Pour the tea into a cup to enjoy.

3. The above process can be repeated for the later infusions, only that the brewing time should be much shorter (5-15 seconds), as the leaves will now loosen and the tea can be ready to drink very quickly. After about 5 infusions, the time can be longer again (20-40 seconds), as the leaves are now weak after many infusions.



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Sheng Pu Erh
Yunnan Da Ye Zhong
Spring 2018
delicately bitter, sweetish, tart
Gedeng Mountain, Yunnan, China
1500 m
stored in Dresden since 2018

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tim H.
Auch mit in meine Hall of fame aufgenommen....

Sehr interessanter Sheng . Er mundet mir sehr,war für mich ein guter Einstieg. Da Geschmäcker subjektiv sind,kann ich diesen Tee trotzdem jedem empfehlen.

Denis D.

Zuerst dachte ich mir "Oh, was für ein netter Sheng ball." bis ich dann zwei Spülungen hatte, einmal 10 Sekunden und dann noch 20 Sekunden, und merkte, dass sich der Sheng ball nur langsam 'entknotet' und entsprechend sein Aroma voll entfaltet. Trotzdem war die Sweetness gut und die Bitterness auch nicht zu streng. Allerdings sind die kleinen Sheng balls aufgrund des hohen Preises unkaufbar. (≖_≖̥)

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