Song Dancong Oolong

  • silky, soft, medium oily
  • 900m
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Charcoal roasted

Song Dancong / Dancong Song Tea - Nong Xiang


Harvest : 2023 Spring

A Dancong Song Tea is characterized by the great age of the tea tree. Song means Song Dynasty. The trees are so old that locals believe they could date back to the Song Dynasty. But this estimate should not be taken seriously. Most Song teas belong to the Zhi Lan Xiang, Mi Lan Xiang and Huang Zhi Huang Zhi Xiang like our Song tea. Huang Zhi Xiang, also known as Yellow Gardenia Fragrance, has a natural gardenia scent.

Taste and aftertaste

Floral, fruity and creamy aroma in a warmed gaiwan, fruity and buttery taste with a long-lasting sweetness. The tea feels medium thick in the mouth and very silky and soft in the throat after swallowing. The character of a high mountain tea is very clearly felt in the throat (900 m above sea level in the Fenghuang Mountains).

The great age of the tea tree and the slow roasting process with charcoal have given the tea a beautiful fullness (Nong Xiang), which can be felt after a long tea session with many infusions.

Nong Xiang vs Qing Xiang

Nong Xiang means deep aroma, while Qing Xiang means clear or superficial aroma. A Nong Xiang / Deep Aroma Tea is usually more restrained, focusing more on the depth, consistency, mouthfeel and throat feel, releasing the aroma slowly and throughout the brew. The Qing Xiang / Clear Aroma Tea, on the other hand, focuses on the first impressions of the tea through its strong aroma and immediate fruitiness and sweetness, less on its depth, consistency or throat feel. A Qing Xiang / Clear Aroma Tea tends to lose its character much faster than a Nong Xiang / Deep Aroma Tea. This Song Dancong is made in the Nong Xiang style.

Preparation of Song Dancong Oolong

Of course, this Oolong tea should be prepared in the traditional Gong Fu way to maximize the taste. 👇

The smell and sweet taste of the tea is 100% natural from the tea leaves and the oxidation and roasting process, with no added flavoring .

To enjoy the fragrance of the dry tea leaves, warm your cup, gaiwan or teapot with hot water, pour the water away and add 5 grams of dry leaves. The warmth of the cup will allow the tea leaves to release the aroma and allow you to completely relax.



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Fenghuang Mountain /
spring 2023
silky, soft, medium oily

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christoph P.
Very good Dancong

Very full-bodied and nutty, really round... fulfills what a Dancong should bring - without surprising.

Man well....

I ordered 2 x 10g to try out different preparations. To date, I have not drunk a Song Oolong that I have really enjoyed and even the first time I tried it (Gongfu Cha) I was not particularly happy. But now I have to say that I think it is excellent, after the 2nd and 3rd time, both of which were NOT prepared using the Gongfu method. Instead, I used 6.4g for 450ml at 95°C for 2 minutes and the result was top class, a very tasty treat twice on the same day. It showed me once again that it does make sense to prepare the same tea in different ways, as everyone has their own taste and there is no such thing as THE CORRECT WAY OF PREPARING it, apart from "the first is for the enemy".

Service bei Teewald