Superior Zhengwei Tieguanyin Oolong

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Popular oolong from Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world.


Superior Tieguanyin Oolong - "The Iron Goddess"

This Superior Tieguanyin, the iron goddess, is handcrafted and rolled in the traditional way of making Oolong. It was harvested and processed in spring 2023.

odor: Fresh like honeysuckle and tropical plants, at the same time creamy and warm like shortbread biscuits.

Taste: warm and creamy like egg pudding with a fruity and fresh taste like star fruit and honeysuckle.

Texture: Medium thickness

Tasting Notes from a Tea Friend Who Tried Oolong Tea for the First Time:

Sweet, honey, round, warm, mild

Light, tart (spinach? Artichoke? Asparagus? Unsure!), Green tea note, pleasantly sweet aftertaste

How long should this tea brew?

Depending on whether you like the tea western style in a large jug prepare or in the traditional "Gong Fu style" you should pay attention to clearly different brewing times:

  • For example, if you brew a liter of oolong, you should use the tea about 3-4 minutes to let go. If it pulls even longer, it becomes more intense. It's best to use 2-3 teaspoons of tea leaves for this amount of water.

  • Do you choose the preparation Gong Fu style in a gaiwan or a small clay pot (yixing) you should let the tea steep for a much shorter time. As you know, you pour away the first infusion. For the second infusion a guideline value of approx. 20-30 seconds. The amount of tea you add is, however, much higher! Use approx. 3 teaspoons on approx. 200ml tea! Due to the short steeping time, the tea does not become too strong. The aroma and intensity of the taste is overwhelming. Can you see the different nuances?

Please note that the tea comes in different packaging, but the inside is the same Superior Zhengwei Tie Guanyin.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 6 - 8 g


100 °C


30 - 60.


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