Braune Teekanne mit BambusgriffBraune Teekanne mit Bambus-Griff (1,3 l)
Braune Teekanne mit Bambus-Griff (1,3 l)
Braune Teekanne mit Bambus-Griff (1,3 l)

Brown teapot with bamboo handle (1.3 l)

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Chinese teapot with bamboo handle made of thin, light clay - 1.3 l volume


Brown teapot with a bamboo handle

Material: volume
 1.3 L
Colour: Brown, unglazed

A teapot can look great. That proves this handmade, original Chinese teapot made of white ceramic in natural brown color by wood-firing technique. The bamboo handle goes really well with the style of the jug. It feels good and is stable. He gives this teapot a natural, traditional character.

Clay teapots have a special effect when drinking tea. In contrast to glass, the material is slightly porous and thus a bit permeable.

Frequent brewing of tea leaves odor and taste residues in the pot. So even if the teapot is completely clean and rinsed, it can still do it Smell of favorite tea to be divined.

The surface of this teapot is rough, which gives it its harmonious color.

A Chinese teapot with a magical shape.



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