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Zhiming Xie Porcelain & Ceramic Teacup / Tea Bowl (70ml)

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Handmade, wood fired, porcelain and clay in one mug

Hand Molded Porcelain and Clay Teacups by Zhiming Xie (James Xie)

  • Diameter top edge: approx. 5.5 cm
  • Height: approx. 5 cm 
  • Volume: 70ml

The teacup is hand-molded by Mr. Xie using local Taiwanese clay in the lower part and porcelain in the upper part. The ceramic part is unglazed to give the tea a special flavor from the minerals in the Taiwanese clay.

The colorful tones of the mug are natural patterns created by the fire in the wood stove.


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Zhiming Xie
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