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Yixing Duanni Qinhan teapot 秦汉壶 (80 ml)

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Semi-handcrafted from pure aged Duanni from Huanglong Mountain⛰

Chinese ceramic kungfu teapot / gongfu teapot

Volume: 75-80ml

This Qinhan Duanni teapot is designed and handmade specially for our teashop. The design is imitating an old, broken and repaired antique teapot from aged Duanni from 1990s (the teapot is not really broken or repaired). The Duanni clay is one of the best clay that we have ever seen, full of grains and minerals even at a distance. The clay has a good effect on softening hard water.

The teapot is made of pure clay and not glazed in or out. Through months and years of using, the clay absorbs the aroma and essential oils in tea and will improve the taste of tea that is made in the teapot. We recommend Oolong, Sheng Pu Erh, Shu Pu Erh, Black tea and aged white tea for this teapot. 

This teapot is imitating an antique teapot that has no tea filter in the interior, but we will include a tea filter made from stainless steel in the teapot. If you do not need the filter, simply take it out.


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80 ml

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Maurice G.
Lovely teapot!!

The pour is amazing and so is the handling. Very smooth and laminar flow.
Details of the pot feel just right. Perfect for Sheng pu'er IMO

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