Yixing Zhuni Hexagonal Siting (110 ml)

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Handgefertigtes Yixing Zhuni Teekännchen

Material: Yixing Zhuni Clay (Lipi Zhuni / Pear Skin Zhuni), pure clay, not glazed 

Volume: 110-120ml

Form: Hexagonal Siting

Yixing Gongfu Teapot (110-120ml) semi-handmade from Zhuni that has not been very finely sieved. The non-fine sieved zhuni is also known as pear-skin zhuni, which is peppered with grains of iron and minerals. A very finely sieved zhuni is typically much less porous than other Yixing clay and therefore does not absorb the aroma and flavor of tea as much as other clay. A pear-skin zhuni, on the other hand, is more porous and grainy, absorbing more aroma and flavor from the tea than a traditional zhuni. In the long run, the teapot improves the flavor of your tea by infusing the tea with the aromas and flavor it picked up during your past tea journey. 

The teapot is semi-handmade, i. H. the body of the teapot is made using a mold, while the details such as the spout and the handle are entirely handmade. This teapot has a built-in tea strainer made from the same Zhuni material.
It is a perfect pot for making gongfu tea. Both for practical tea preparation and for aesthetic appreciation. 

We recommend this gongfu teapot for pu erh tea, oolong (better not for the green oolong), aged white tea, black tea, heicha. 

To care for the teapot, just like all other Yixing teapots, simply rinse it with hot water after use. Please do not use soap. 


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Hexagonal Siting
partly handmade / partly mold-made (see description)
100 ml

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