Green teas 2021

Grüntees 2021

The new green tea range is now complete. We have been refreshing the new green tea harvest in our shop since May of this year. There are new varieties from both Japan and China this year.

The Chinese green teas

  • Song Luo: From China we have the popular one again Song Luo from Zhejiang. Last year it was still a no-name and newcomer it quickly won a lot of fans. Intense, fresh, sweet.
  • Xihu Longjing: Of course we have that again Xihu Longjing from Hangzhou in the range. Nutty, gentle, sweet notes.
  • Meng Ding Gan Lu: The sweet dew from the Sichuan highlands. A gentle, fine tea with a sugary, nutty scent.
  • NEW - E Mei Bi Luo Chun: A new representative from Sichuan with great vegetable umami notes after zucchini. Also flowery and fresh.
  • NEW - E Mei Zhu Ye Qing: Absolute Sichuan highland green tea with leaves reminiscent of Silver Needle, just in green. Almost unknown to us, it is very popular in western China. Great notes of sweet corn and artichokes.
  • NEW - Alishan Gaba Green Tea: Our first green tea from Taiwan with a high content of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Super characteristic taste of sweet nuts, milky notes and a great fragrance.

The Japanese green teas

  • Shincha Saemidori: Now in our range for the third year. This early Sencha from Uji with its great balance of umami and freshness. Not too intense, not too shallow. One of our most popular green teas for good reason.
  • New but from 2019: a fantastic one Tencha Karigane. Made from the same material used for Matcha. Very good balance of umami and gentleness. Storage after harvest about 6-8 months.
  • Kabusecha Okumidori: gentle with a hearty umami note on the tongue, nuances of green asparagus and algae. Shaded for 16 days after harvest.

Is there a tea that you think is still missing from the range? What's your favorite green tea? Please write a comment

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