2021 Fuding Silver Needle

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The original Silver Needle Tea from Fuding, Fujian from the year 2021.

Fuding Silver Needle 2021

This Fuding Silver Needle Tea is the first harvest of Fuding White Tea in March 2021. It comes from our trusted White Tea plantation, which is located 600 m above sea level in Tai Mu Mountain in Fuding. The area around the tea plantation has the purest air. It has been proven in the laboratory that this Silver Needle is free from pesticides and fertilizers. The tea has a refreshing and juicy nectar sweetness and a very floral aroma.

This Fuding Silver Needle is charcoal roasted. The roasting of our Silver Needle as white tea is carried out when the moisture is only about 10% left. We do not roast a silver needle at an early stage. That makes the white tea "green". White tea differs from green tea in that white tea is easily fermented. Only at a later stage, when the moisture in the tea cells is only about 10%, can fermentation take place (the tea cell membrane loses its function due to a lack of water. Without the protection of the cell membrane, the tea content will be exposed to oxygen in between). To ensure the nature of white tea, we do not do long charcoal roasting.
After the Silver Needle is finished, we no longer roast it. (I can understand, however, that some manufacturers may roast the Silver Needle after long periods of storage in order to reduce the moisture the tea absorbs during the storage years.)


Of course we recommend this tea in the Gong Fu method To be prepared in a gaiwan so that the aroma can fully develop and you can enjoy the maximum taste.

Our tips for the best enjoyment:

  1. Use water with a temperature of 80 ° C.
  2. Use enough tea (about 8g) per gaiwan (about 150 ml).
  3. Brew for between 1 minute. This white tea does not become bitter.
  4. You can brew the tea up to 6 times. Each time you will recognize and taste different nuances.


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How to brew

in Gaiwan / Kännchen mit ca. 200 ml


ca. 5-6 g


75 °C


30-60 Sek.


loose white tea
Spring 2020
juicy, flowery, sweet and very gentle
Tai Mu Shan, Fuding, Fujian, China
600 m
lightly toasted
Only the silvery "tips" of the young shoots are used for this tea

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Aleksej G.
Nachschub wieder aufgefüllt

Tee wie immer sehr gut!!