Anti aging with green tea

Anti Aging mit grünem Tee

I've known my mother's friend named Feng since I was little and my impression of Feng and your family has always been that they are all so particularly slim. The last time I met Feng, that impression hasn't changed, but something was added to that impression. All those years had no visible traces left with Feng and her husband. They still looked as young as they did when I was a kid, but my parents had visibly aged. I immediately realized that it had to be related to drinking green tea, knowing that Feng's family had the habit drink green tea daily. They were all so slim that more than once I heard my mother's friends say for fun to stop drinking green tea. But I wondered if you had noticed, as I did, that the Feng couple had not aged, at least not recognizable to me, who had seen them so seldom in recent years. Green tea is very well known for its strong anti-oxidant polyphenols and the Feng couple had to be the living proof of it.

Green tea as a weapon against cancer?

All kinds of traditional Chinese teas are made from Camellia Sinensis won. They differ in terms of different manufacturing methods and oxidation levels. Green tea is only very slightly exposed to the oxidation process and has the strongest effects against cancer, High blood pressure, obesity and nicotine damage in smokers. According to the Taoist philosophy, however, green tea is classified as "cool". That means excessive indulgence leads to a "cooling“Of the stomach and the whole body. If people with a weak stomach drink too much green tea, they could experience stomach pain, weakness, and other symptoms. 2 - 3 cups of green tea daily should not be exceeded by people with a weak stomach. If you still want to drink more, the green tea can be supplemented with "warm" ingredients to balance out the cooling effects. These include, for example, wolfberries, longan or dried red dates (jujube). For a cup of green tea, 5-10 wolfberries could be added. (Corresponding to 3-5 longan or 3-5 dried red dates). Of the green longjing tea from Hangzhou is an excellent anti-aging green tea.

Black tea can also slow down aging

If green tea is still too strong for the stomach or if the warm elements cause discomfort, then for example black tea be drunk as an alternative. Black tea also has all of the health effects, albeit in a weakened form. Due to the oxidation process, black tea is warm in nature and cannot damage the stomach. In contrast to green tea, it can even on an empty stomach to be drunk. Last but not least, it should be noted that women should avoid green tea during menstruation and should rather drink black tea, as green tea can cause pain or discomfort due to its cooling effect. You can find out more about black tea in this article.

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