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    2022 Ku Zhu Shan Dan Zhu

    145,00 €
    725,00 €/kg

    Pu Erh tea from a single tea tree (Danzhu) -- Ku Zhu Shan Dan Zhu Sheng Pu Erh Tee 2022 The story of this Pu Erh Ku Zhu Shan Danzhu...

    Shimen Shuixian Hong Oolong

    29,90 €
    598,00 €/kg

    An aged oolong from Taiwan Shimen Shuixian Hong Oolong The Shuixian Hong Oolong is special in that in the first step of production, the oxidation is carried out as with...

    Qimen Maofeng

    19,50 €
    390,00 €/kg

    a top quality Qimen black tea Qimen Maofeng Black Tea Aroma of the dry leaves: Cocoa, longgan (a dried tropical fruit found in Southeast Asia), rosyWet Leaves Aroma: Longgan-Suppe, Rosenknospen, Rosinen, CocoaTaste: dark...

    Wild Dianhong Menghai

    8,49 €
    169,80 €/kg

    Black tea from wild tea trees in Menghai, Yunnan Wild Dianhong Menghai Aroma of dry leaves: minty, sweet potato, woodyWet Leaves Aroma: roasted vegetables, cocoa and honeyTaste: Sweetness of light...

    2019 Fuding Shoumei White Tea

    76,00 €
    217,14 €/kg

    Fuding White Tea from 2019 Aroma of dry leaves: woody, vanilla, plum, anise spiceAroma of wet leaves: honey, woody, plum Taste: clear, light and sweet attack, followed by a rich...

    2017 Hua Zhu Liang Zi Shu Pu Erh

    125,00 €
    350,14 €/kg

    A Menghai Shu Pu Erh brick from 2017 --   Shu Pu Erh Ziegel 2017 - Hua Zhu Liang Zi First degree of Shu Pu Erh from 2017 with a...

    2006 Yiwu Shu Pu Erh

    129,00 €
    361,34 €/kg

    Silky Shu Pu Erh brick from 2006 --   Shu Pu Erh Ziegel 2006 - Yi Wu Shu Cha First degree of Shu Pu Erh from 2006, with a soft...

    2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    49,00 €
    490,00 €/kg

    100 g Gushu Pu Erh aus Xiao Hu Sai Bergdorf -- 2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu (Xiao Hu Sai Gushu) Harvest: 04.2022 The 2022 has a fruitier aroma and flavor...

    2022 Da Xue Shan Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    55,00 €
    550,00 €/kg

    Mengku Da Xue Shan Mengku Snow Mountain 2022 Spring Harvest: 04.2022 Material: Gushu (Ancient trees, probably 150 years old) The quality of the 2022 Da Xue Shan is the same...

    2022 Nannuo Shan Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    98,00 €
    490,00 €/kg

    Nannuo Shan 2022 Frühjahr Gushu Sheng Pu Erh Harvest: 04.2022 The 2022 Nannuo Shan Gushu comes from older trees than its 2021 and 2020 counterparts. The trees are estimated to...

    Tanbei Huo Shan Huang Ya

    13,50 €
    337,50 €/kg

    Tanbei Huo Shan Huang Ya - Charcoal Roasted Yellow Tea Harvest: April 2022 Origin: Huoshan, Anhui Altitude: 800ml Cultivar: Jin Ji Zhong Aroma: nutty and creamy like corn kernels Taste:...

    Organic Hojicha

    8,90 €
    89,00 €/kg

      Organic Hojicha from Shizuoka Japan Roasted Japanese Green Tea  Harvest: 2022 spring Cultivar: Yabukita   A lightly roasted hojicha with a rough appearance but very delicate taste and tea...

    2022 Enshi Yulu

    5,90 €
    147,50 €/kg

    A Chinese green tea with an intense, rich flavor and soupy consistency   Enshi Yulu - A steamed Chinese green tea Harvest: 04/12/2022    Origin: Hubei, China Most modern Chinese...

    2022 Anhua Songzhen Green Tea

    9,90 €
    247,50 €/kg

    A Chinese green tea with an intense, rich flavor and thick texture Anhua Songzhen Grüntee  Harvest: 04/12/2022  Origin: 800m above sea level in Anhua County Anhua is a county in...

    Organic Sencha Kurasawa

    13,75 €
    275,00 €/kg

    Powerful taste with a long aftertaste Sencha Kurasawa Bio  Harvest: April 2021 Cultivar: Kurasawa Height: that. 300 m Origin: Kirishima, Japan The Sencha is from the 2021 harvest, harvested mechanically in...

    2022 Emei Zhu Ye Qing Grüner Tee

    19,90 €
    497,50 €/kg

    A high-grade Zhu Ye Qing newly harvested in March 2022 -- Zhu Ye Qing Grüntee pre-Qingming 2022 Harvest: 03/20/2022 (before the Qingming Festival, early April) Origin: 1200 meters above sea...

    Tanbei Qingxin Ruanzhi Oolong

    11,90 €
    297,50 €/kg

    Popular oolong from Fujian, China. Mid grade quality. Very good for getting started in the Oolong world. Charcoal Roasted Oolong Qingxin Ruanzhi Oolong   Tanbei means "roasted with charcoal". This charcoal baked...

    2006 Yiwu Mahei Sheng Pu Erh

    29,90 €
    598,00 €/kg

    2006 Sheng Pu Erh 357g tea cake 2006 Yiwu Zhengshan Sheng Pu Erh (357g Chabing) Yiwu Zhengshan means the mountain of Yiwu (not the surrounding areas near the mountain).  The...

    Rougui Wuyi Yancha (Rock Tea)

    3,80 €
    475,00 €/kg

    Good dark oolong tea (Yancha / Rock tea) from Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world.-- Rougui (cinnamon scent) a famous stone tea /...

    Yunnan Silver Needle

    12,90 €
    322,50 €/kg

    Silver needle tea from Yunnan China Yunnan Silver Needle "Baihao Yin Zhen" Taste rating: fruity, cantaloupe / honeydew melon with a raisin odor Yin Zhen Silver Needle Tea is one...

    Thai white chrysanthemum tea

    5,50 €
    183,33 €/kg

    Fluffy and economical! White chrysanthemum tea premium This chrysanthemum tea is pesticide free and is called organic tea in Thailand. Taste rating: herbal, medicinal, flowery floral, with a subtle hint...

    Osmanthus Golden Yunnan

    5,90 €
    118,00 €/kg

    Osmanthus Golden Yunnan Schwarzertee pesticide freeBlack tea from Yunnan mixed with osmanthus flowers. Aroma of the dry leaves: nutty, chocolaty, warm and sweet like caramel, vanilla, floweryMoist leaves aroma: nutty,...

    2021 Ming Feng Shan Old Tree Sheng Pu Erh

    45,00 €
    225,00 €/kg

    Ming Feng Shan Old Tree Sheng Pu Erh A soft and pleasant Sheng Pu Erh tea from Ming Feng Shan, a high mountain (2100 m above sea level) in Yunnan,...

    Australia Black - Arakai Estate Premium

    16,90 €
    338,00 €/kg

    Australian black tea with balanced sweetness and florality. Suitable for preparation in gaiwan or teapot. --   Australia Black Premium / Arakai Estate Premium Black  Harvest: Spring and summer 2021...

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