2022 Premium Xihu Long Jing Tee (Drachenbrunnentee)

    16,50 €
    412,50 €/kg

    Xihu Longjing / Lungching 2022 pre-Qingming (Drachenbrunnentee) Harvest: 03/25/2022 Origin: Yuhang, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. Tee-Sorte: Qun Ti Zhong (Qunti Sorte 群体) Tested as pesticide-free by Eurofin in China...

    Organic Kukicha Karigane

    8,90 €
    89,00 €/kg

    Soft green tea from Japan -- Organic Kukicha Karigane - Japanese green tea with leaves and leaf stems A light, unobtrusive green tea from Japan. The special thing about this...

    2022 Shincha Saemidori

    10,90 €
    218,00 €/kg

    Frühe Sencha Ernte mit mittel-intesivem Umami

    2022 Meng Ding Gan Lu

    13,50 €
    270,00 €/kg

    Exclusive highland tea from Sichuan Meng Ding Gan Lu (Sweet Dew) Spring Tea Harvest: 06.04.2022  handicraft Terroir: Mengding Mountain 1200m above sea level Kind: Lao Chuan Cha (traditional Sichuan tea variety)   taste...

    2020 Formosa Dong Ding Oolong

    15,90 €
    318,00 €/kg

    High quality Dongding Oolong from Nantou, Taiwan Formosa Dong Ding Oolong 2020 Qingxin Ruanzhi variety little roasted, flowery, nutty, very creamy, gives a warming feeling This Dongding Oolong is not...

    2022 Enshi Yulu

    5,90 €
    147,50 €/kg

    A Chinese green tea with an intense, rich flavor and soupy consistency   Enshi Yulu - A steamed Chinese green tea Harvest: 04/12/2022    Origin: Hubei, China Most modern Chinese...

    2022 Anhua Songzhen Green Tea

    9,90 €
    247,50 €/kg

    A Chinese green tea with an intense, rich flavor and thick texture Anhua Songzhen Grüntee  Harvest: 04/12/2022  Origin: 800m above sea level in Anhua County Anhua is a county in...

    2022 Emei Zhu Ye Qing Grüner Tee

    19,90 €
    497,50 €/kg

    A high-grade Zhu Ye Qing newly harvested in March 2022 -- Zhu Ye Qing Grüntee pre-Qingming 2022 Harvest: 03/20/2022 (before the Qingming Festival, early April) Origin: 1200 meters above sea...

    2022 Da Xue Shan Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    55,00 €
    550,00 €/kg

    Mengku Da Xue Shan Mengku Snow Mountain 2022 Spring Harvest: 04.2022 Material: Gushu (Ancient trees, probably 150 years old) The quality of the 2022 Da Xue Shan is the same...

    2022 Nannuo Shan Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    98,00 €
    490,00 €/kg

    Nannuo Shan 2022 Frühjahr Gushu Sheng Pu Erh Harvest: 04.2022 The 2022 Nannuo Shan Gushu comes from older trees than its 2021 and 2020 counterparts. The trees are estimated to...

    2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu Sheng Pu Erh

    49,00 €
    490,00 €/kg

    100 g Gushu Pu Erh aus Xiao Hu Sai Bergdorf -- 2022 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu (Xiao Hu Sai Gushu) Harvest: 04.2022 The 2022 has a fruitier aroma and flavor...

    Tanbei Huo Shan Huang Ya

    13,50 €
    337,50 €/kg

    Tanbei Huo Shan Huang Ya - Charcoal Roasted Yellow Tea Harvest: April 2022 Origin: Huoshan, Anhui Altitude: 800ml Cultivar: Jin Ji Zhong Aroma: nutty and creamy like corn kernels Taste:...

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