China Oolong

    Rougui Wuyi Yancha (Rock Tea)

    3,80 €
    475,00 €/kg

    Good dark oolong tea (Yancha / Rock tea) from Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world.-- Rougui (cinnamon scent) a famous stone tea /...

    Wudong Golden Flakes

    11,90 €
    396,67 €/kg

    Wudong Golden Flakes This Dancong Golden Flakes is an Oolong tea characterized by an aromatic, fruity and buttery  taste. We love the special aroma of shortbread with peach and cherry....

    Laocong Mi Lan Xiang Dancong Oolong

    11,50 €
    383,33 €/kg

    Laocong Mi Lan Xiang 2020 Spring Tea This is a super fruity dark Oolong from a village 1000 meters above sea level in Fenghuang mountain, Guangdong province, China. It is...

    Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea

    8,50 €
    170,00 €/kg

    Oolong tea mixture with tieguanyin and osmanthus flowers. Totally natural.--Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea Harvest: autumn 2020 Taste: nutty, fruity, flowery, sweet Fine Ever Green Oolong of organic quality from China...

    White Orchid Oolong - Bai Ya Qi Lan

    2,80 €
    350,00 €/kg

    Good Mingnan Oolong tea from Pinghe, Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world. --       White Orchid - Bai Ya Qi Lan...

    Lapsang Oolong tea

    8,90 €
    178,00 €/kg

    Lapsang Oolong Harvest: 06.2020. Variety: Xiao Cai. Maybe you have heard about Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, but have you ever tried a Lapsang Oolong? Lapsang is the translation of Fujian...

    Xingren Xiang Dancong Oolong

    13,90 €
    463,33 €/kg

    Xingren Xiang Dancong Oolong 2020 Spring Tea This is a super nutty Dancong oolong from Fenghuang Mountain, Guangdong Province, China. It was freshly harvested and roasted in May 2020. Xingren...

    Wuyi Laocong Shuixian Oolong

    8,50 €
    212,50 €/kg

    Wuyi Laocong Shuixian Oolong (no Yancha/Rock Tea) Harvest: 05.2020. Cultivar: 60-year-old Shuixian. This Shuixian Oolong comes from the Wuyi mountain area and has a fruity sweetness . It is charcoal...

    Huang Guan Yin Zhengyan Yancha (Rock Tea)

    6,50 €
    812,50 €/kg

    Huang Guan Yin, Rock Tea from Wuyi Shan National Park This Zhengyan Yancha is from Xianren Yan (仙人岩) in the national park of Wuyi mountain. It was harvested, half oxidized...

    Superior Zhengwei Tieguanyin Oolong

    2,50 €
    312,50 €/kg

    Popular oolong from Fujian, China. Mid-grade quality. Very good as an introduction to the oolong world.--Superior Tieguanyin Oolong - "The Iron Goddess" This Superior Tieguanyin, the iron goddess, is handcrafted...

    Wudong Ginger Flower

    14,50 €
    1.812,50 €/kg

    Wudong Ginger Flower - the most cherished Dancong cultivar Harvest: late Spring 2020 (Wudong tea is harvested only 1 time a year) Cultivar: Jianghua Xiang (Ginger Flower), also known as...

    Tanbei Qingxin Ruanzhi Oolong

    11,90 €
    297,50 €/kg

    Popular oolong from Fujian, China. Mid grade quality. Very good for getting started in the Oolong world. Charcoal Roasted Oolong Qingxin Ruanzhi Oolong   Tanbei means "roasted with charcoal". This charcoal baked...

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